Diniwid Beach, Boracay Island – a Hidden Gem

Do you want a quieter beach from White Beach at no extra cost? Well then start walking! Be adventurous and traverse that man-made footpath  and you will be rewarded with a good exercise, a picturesque scenery, and a 200- meter long shoreline of Diniwid  Beach where you will enjoy peace and privacy away from the crowded and busy White Beach.


I booked a hotel at Station 3, so imagine walking from end to end of White Beach beneath the scorching sun, that’s about 4 kilometers! It took me one and a half hours to reach the other end which includes occasional rest and of course taking pictures.

At the edge of Diniwid is this beautiful resort which according to the locals is owned by Manny Pacquiao

So is it worth the  3 hours walk back and forth for me? Definitely yes! And I will do it again and again! With this beauty for free  who am I to complain ?
So when you get the chance and you are on a tight budget and no extra fund for island hopping, start walking and enjoy tranquility at Diniwid Beach.

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