Dream Big and Make it Happen

Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore. ~ Andre GideMy 10 year old nephew asked me once out of the blue, “Tita bakit ka mayaman?” (Tita why are you rich?).  I was caught off guard and I told him how can he say I am rich? He replied because I’m still young and yet I have several properties, I have my own car and I can go anywhere I want. It’s not easy to explain to a 10 year old the value of money. I just told him I am not “rich”; I just know how to control my spending with the money that I have.

Which is actually true. It’s not how much you are earning, it’s how you live your life knowing your financial limitations and goals. At a very young age, while I knew I could move mountains, I was also aware that we didn’t have the financial resources of others. In spite of that, I also knew that there was nothing impossible to accomplish if you have a strong faith in God and the desire to better yourself. I set a goal in life and I vowed I would achieve it or die trying. I wanted to travel the world when the time came and I knew then that I would and to date, I’ve traversed throughout Asia, the Middle East and Europe and I vow to see so much more… oh yes so much more!

my travel to Dubai’s Global City, and our Boracay Island
A lot may say I am successful career wise. I won’t contradict that because everything that I have in my life I have worked hard for. I was not born with a silver spoon. In fact it’s the exact opposite. In grade school I would go to school most of the time with mis-matched rubber slippers. In front of our house during weekends, I used to sell green mangoes or black plum (duhat) or whatever I can harvest from our backyard for extra funds. My mother wouldn’t give me cash as “baon” (school money) but instead she will buy me nougats to sell to my classmates, then the proceeds will be my cash.
Even during college I had a very limited allowance. I used to sell Avon or Sara Lee products to my classmates who could afford it for my extra funds. I wouldn’t go out with friends or join school affairs simply because I couldn’t afford it. Whenever I aced an exam I would treat myself at Jollibee and that would be the only “luxury” I gave myself. I stayed in the cold city of Baguio for 4 years owning only one jacket and the color is light blue. (My aim is to graduate so it didn’t matter that I was wearing a jacket that didn’t match the color of my t-shirts.. Hehe) I ate mostly sayote tops and sayote fruits simply because in Baguio it grows anywhere and therefore, free. The payoff in the end was that I graduated with flying colors because I knew first-hand the hardships and sacrifices required for “me” to achieve it. That made the victory so much sweeter.

exploring the ruins in Rome and trying to decipher the wall carvings in Cambodia

I grew up with simple needs and a simple life. I believe as we go through our trials in life, it shapes and molds the person we eventually become. With that said, I choose not to partake in alcohol, smoking, or even make-up. I enjoy the comfort of my practical outfits too, I just don’t care about branded clothing or expensive gadgets unless I consider them a necessity. The only thing in my life I don’t mind spending for is life’s daily necessities, my collection of books, my family and my travels.

In time, I am sure I will travel the world. The desire and passion which emanates from my soul is fuel and motivation that will assist me in exploring the beauty of this world with my naked eye. This would be the final culmination of my dream to satisfy my wanderlust… It will take a lifetime but I live for this.. oh yes I live for this..

So do you have that dream that you think you can’t achieve? In life there is nothing impossible.. If you can dream it, you can make it happen!

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