Vivi’s Dubai Desert Safari Adventure at Hatta, Oman Rd.

What’s a trip to the Middle East without enjoying the desert? It was #1 on my list for my 1 week vacation to Dubai.  My friend arranged a Desert Safari Adventure at Hatta, Oman Rd., our assigned tour guide picked us up from the hotel at 3p.m, the package includes dune bashing (quad bike rental is at extra cost), free camel ride  after an interesting Arabian night dinner and a free henna tattoo (of course I got one!). The show ended at around 9:30p.m. and we were sent off at our agreed drop off point.

The only vehicles cruising the desert when I went there: Quad bikes, Toyota Land Cruisers and… a Hummer!

I don’t really have expectations I just want the tour to surprise me and I got more than that! I was perspiring all over and I was shouting “OMG OMG” at the top of my voice with everyone in the car laughing at me!! haha.. Well, I don’t like roller coaster rides and that’s how It was for me plus my worry that our car will topple over.. hehe. But it was quite an adventure!
Check some photos I have taken.. sorry It wasn’t that good after all that shouting and perspiring at least I was able to take a few shots.. haha
Dune Bashing:
we are at the hands of this well trained driver… In Dubai the Dunes Drivers have a special license given by the government and according to our Driver it wasn’t easy to get one.
A moment to enjoy the Desert:
we got our chance too to just sit down and enjoy the desert..
I’m in the middle of the desert! yey!!

Camel Ride:
Arabian Night-
Dinner and of course the entertainment!

There are a lot of tours available to suit your budget, you can even have a Dubai Hummer Safari… I saw a lot on our trip and and that is quite  ride for sure!!

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