Cycling at Punggol Waterway

Punggol Waterway is Singapore’s longest man-made waterway at 4.2 km long. It is also known as “My Waterway@Punggol”. It features a landscaped promenade, five footbridges, viewing decks, cycling and jogging paths, exercise and water-play areas, lush greenery and eco-friendly features.
Punggol Waterway has earned global recognition when it won Global Superior Achievement Award (First Asian country to secure top honours from International Water Association) and Gold Award for the 2012 International Award for Liveable Communities, for its excellence in water engineering, innovative design and eco-friendly concept.
The park is definitely one of a kind! Alas for me, I was lazy to bring my bridge camera so all photos posted here are taken using my husband’s HTC mobile phone. Hey, c’mon the photos are still great except for the night shot! hehe..
Sunrise Bridge at Punggol Waterway
overlooking Sunrise Bridge 

The park is a great place for the whole family. Fitness enthusiasts will have a fun time running on the well-maintained tracks while admiring the view. Bikers and skaters will enjoy challenging tracks designated for them. The kids will be entertained by their water playground offering a wet-and-wild day of fun. A nice venue also for hanging out with friends, they even created a bridge to best watch the sunrise and named it Sunrise Bridge (picture above).

Pasir Ris Bridge Connector
overlooking Pasir Ris Bridge Connector 
Jewel Bridge at Punggol Waterway
overlooking Jewel Bridge 
Punggol Waterway Viewing Deck
One of the viewing decks along the park
Punggol Waterway, Singapore
Overlooking the other side of the park connected by Sunrise Bridge
housing estate at Punggol Waterway, Singapore
overlooking the housing estate 
Pasir Ris Bridge Connector
Pasir Ris Bridge Connector
Punggol Waterway

At either ends of the waterway are a variety of restaurants and recreational facilities. We took a break for a while to take a drink. We enjoyed the bike track!

Wave bridge and Pasir Ris bridge Connector
Wave Bridge

How To Get There: Take the LRT from Punggol MRT Station to Damai LRT Station. Walk towards Punggol Road and you will find a path heading to the waterway.

Buses to Punggol Bus Interchange: 3, 34, 43, 62, 82, 83, 84, 85, 136

Lighting Hours:     7:00pm to 7:00am

Accessibility Info:  Wheelchair-friendly

Surface:                  Gravel, Grass, Tarmac, Pavement

Reminder:              No fishing is allowed at the park.

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