The Floating City of Venice

Venice or Venezia for the Italians is the Capital of Veneto region in northern Italy and is one of the most beautiful and most romantic cities in the world. For year 2011, Venice was included in the Travelers Choice of 2011 as one of the Top 25 Destinations in the World (Trip Advisor).

Venice is famous for its canals; it has 121 islets linked by 435 bridges, famous also for its stunning architecture and artworks . Aside from being known as The Floating City, it is also well-known as  City of Water, City of Masks , City of Canals and City of Bridges.

Exploring the Grand Canal on board a Water Taxi

 Piazza San Marco or San Marco Square – is the heart of Venice, home to great monuments  and an important meeting place for the locals of Venice.


 Exploring the Streets of Venice:



Exploring the city thru their famous Gondola

What’s a visit to Venice without trying their famous gondola? Gondola is a long narrow flat-bottomed boat used for centuries in Venice.  Today these iconic boats are still being used as public transport in the city specially for tourists.

Transportation to Venice:

Venice is accessible by plane (Marco Polo airport), or by train by stopping at Santa Lucia Train Station or buses.

Tourist Information:

Tourist Information Center or Office are located at train station and at St Mark’s Square.

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