Gateway to Heaven – Pundaquit, San Antonio Zambales

Ive been exploring the beaches of Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia for how many years now but at the end of the day is the humbling realization that right in our own province in the Philippines you will find one of the best beaches in Southeast Asia!  Im a local of Zambales and I am proud to be a part of a place with such beauty!

Pundaquit  (or Pundakit)  is located in San Antonio, province of  Zambales.  Around an hour drive from my hometown (Olongapo City) and few hours from Manila, which is very accessible for city folks who wants a temporary escape without going too far.

Famous coves of San Antonio  like Anawangin and  Nagsasa Cove are not accessible by land.  Pundaquit is the gateway to both along with other islands and coves of San Antonio.

Pundaquit beach  is facing the South China Sea,  from the beach you will see on the opposite side both  Camara  and Capones Island

Every year during my birthday I always make it special, it is my way of thanking God for giving me this chance to live this beautiful life and enjoy the things that I love. So this year along with some friends who are also celebrating their birthdays the same month, I encouraged them to celebrate it with me and our families at Anawangin Cove.  When we arrived in Pundaquit the place exceeded our expectation, our planned beach trip to Anawangin became an island hopping adventure!

Enjoy the pictures I took of Pundaquit:

The view you are going to enjoy on the way to Pundaquit.

Pundaquit is a fishing village, most of the time the beach is quite crowded, but we went there at the end of October 2011, right after the terrible storms that hit Luzon so we only found locals there and handful of  tourist when we arrived. Which I am thankful of! It is best to explore places with less crowd.

We paid P3,500 for our rented boat (for all 20 of us!), the  boat trip includes Pundaquit to Camara Island to  Capones Island to Anawangin Cove and pickup from Anawangin at the end of the day back to Pundaquit. It was well worth it!! 

I will be blogging about the 2 islands and Anawangin Cove on a separate post so you can enjoy the photos better, for now let me share these photos to tease your mind..

 It was too difficult for us to leave Anawangin, but we will come back again soon!!! We  are planning to leave the kids behind so we can do mountain trekking at Anawangin and will visit Nagsasa Cove too! And I can’t wait!!!

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