Boracay Island, Philippines- One of the Best Beaches in the World

If someone will ask you to jot down your personal choice of the World’s Best Beaches, what would be on your list?… hmmmm maybe you will include a beach from Cancun? Grand Cayman? Jamaica? Dominican Republic? Maldives? Bora-bora? Hawaii? Pinoys are so proud that our Boracay is mostly on the top of the list. Hooray Boracay!!
Boracay is a small tropical paradise island in Aklan province in the Central Visayas region, Philippines. Measuring only at 4.5 miles long, it is world famous for its white powdery sand.
White Beach is Boracay’s most famous beach, 3 km of white fine sand, a home to so many resorts from backpacker to high-end hotels, restaurants, shopping malls,clubs , water /island activities, you name it they have it.
You wanna know why White Beach is the best beach in Boracay?? I won’t say much about White Beach, this time let my pictures do the talking…


The Beach: 

White Beach, Boracay

Below Picture: Virgin Mary’s Grotto at Willy’s Rock on the left and the walkway connecting White Beach to Diniwid Beach on the right.

White Beach, Boracay Island Philippines

and don’t forget trees! even if the place is crowded, they still have a lot of trees in Boracay…

The Sand
I have taken the following photos to compare the sand in Station 1 , 2 and 3.. (yeah I had that much time to walk from end to end….Smiley sand at farthest part of station 3
White Beach, Boracay Island Philippines
sand at station 2
White Beach, Boracay Island Philippines
sand at station 1
now tell me which one is the whitest of them all???
The famous Boracay sunset:
I was there for 6 days and 5 nights in the month of October-November, my camera is always ready  for the famous sunset but alas!  if it’s not raining it’s cloudy! so these are the only pictures of sunset I was able to capture.. not much but I still love them..
People Watching:
I love watching kids, they’re carefree and so innocent. Just watching them already relaxes me.. better than a spa!  Enjoy some of the shots I took of super cute kids:
I love the picture of this couple , I think they are newly weds! They’re just so sweet!!And these 3 ladies showcasing their henna tattoo…
I took a lot of pictures of ladies in their bikinis, but nah I’m not going to post them here.. my facebook friends enjoyed their photos but sorry the only lady you will see here in her bikini is me.. hehe!Smiley

With is a special lady I met in Bora.. Tita Sonia!  We are both solo travellers..


The famous fire dance at Station 2:
fire dance at Boracay
fire dance at Boracay
Well Boracay offers so much more than White Beach, check my blog also of other must visit places/beaches in Boracay:
-Tambisaan Beach
– Puka Beach
-Crystal Cove/ Laurel Island
-Diniwid Beach
-Sailing Adventure
How to  go to Boracay Island:
Take a flight to either Caticlan or Kalibo airport from major airports in the Philippines, there are so many airlines that offer cheap flights all the time (your options:  Seair, Zestair, Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, AirPhil and AirAsia).  Land travel from Kalibo to Caticlan is at least an hour but the flight rates are of course cheaper.  Either way you can have a land  arrangement with your hotel or you can take public transport available direct to Caticlans jetty port.  At Boracays Cagban Jetty port, there are a lot of tricycles available that can send you to your hotel.  And the next thing you just have to do is relax and enjoy!

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