Puka Beach, Boracay Island, Philippines

I don’t enjoy going to places during the peak season. Well that’s just my 2 cents, I enjoy places better when I’m in my element, when I can enjoy the place in my own private time.  I went to Boracay on the month of October which is their off-peak season, my birthday present for myself! I booked an island hopping trip but they won’t go to Puka Beach because of the strong waves.  But I’m stubborn, I met an adventurous mom from Manila and we decided to rent a sailboat for a day

Have you heard of the famous Puka shells? Well you just found the source! Puka Beach is located on the northern tip of Boracay Island, province of Aklan. Accessible only by a tricycle ride from the main road or via boat ride.  It is far away from the busy and crowded White Beach. At some point you will find yourself enjoying the beach all to yourself!
The sand here may not be as white as White Beach’s but it has its own magic!  Well, it’s white sand mixed with Puka shells!! Check out what you will find along Puka Beach’s shoreline:

on the right picture you will find searock formation at the beach:

At the opposite side of the Puka beach is Romblon (left side of the picture), according to our guide with a good wind you can sail to Romblon in 3 hours from Puka Beach.

The locals also put some stalls to sell their shells and other stuff for the tourist. They also have a restaurant with a reasonable price!

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